The Traveling Dress

When Teresa Vick invited me to join the Traveling Dress Project, I was thrilled and in disbelief to be collaborating with such talented artists.  And then, when Lexy Parks agreed to make our dress I was over the moon with excitement to start shooting. We shot these a few months ago. And I have been waiting (oh, the agony) to share!

We hiked to the top of this mountain. It was insanely windy and I accidentally stabbed myself in the leg with a sharp desert plant, but it was all worth it.
A huge thank you to my wonderful assistant Lisa Roland and to my beautiful model and friend Christina Ibarra.

Here is where we took the dress and how it inspired me…

The Perfect Desert Wedding…

First, let me say, I am NOT a wedding photographer. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. 
And this is exactly what I said to this wonderful couple when they asked me to photograph their wedding. But I have had the pleasure of photographing them before and they were such a dream… And then they said nice things and I totally caved 🙂 But it turned out to be a perfect fit for me. It was everything. So small and intimate. So personal and effortless. It was romantic and rustic.

So. If this is what weddings are… then I am DEFINITELY a wedding photographer.

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle – May Edition

My friend Lisa and I took my kids to the ruins recently to let them explore and so that we could get a chance to shoot. It was midday sun, which always provides a big challenge for me. But it seems the flawed images are always my favorite. Especially in my personal work.

I hope you enjoy them.

1&2atruins ilovethewaymilaruns kidsatruins5 kidsatruins6a kidsatruins11 lisawithmykids ljatruins ljatruins2 ljatruins8 ljsmilesatruins milaatruins3 milaatruins10 milainthewindowruins2 milarunningatruinsljbythetreeBe sure to head over to the lovely and wonderful Tess Runion’s blog and see what gorgeousness she has for you this month!

Life {Unscripted} Blog Circle~ April 2016


I am absolutely thrilled to (finally!) be a part of out L{U} blog circle!
This is my first contribution here, and I have decided to share a mish- mash of ordinary, messy, happy, tired, crazy moments from my busy family and our life, from these past couple of weeks! I hope you enjoy and I’m grateful that you took some time to stop by <3
Don’t forget to head over and see what the insanely talented Sharon Covert has to share with you this month!

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The Soundtrack to Childhood

It’s Saturday. That means my husband is working on a project (or three) in the yard, my kids are playing in and out, I’m busy with photos, and music is playing in the house. It’s our ideal Saturday, and what we do whenever we have the day to ourselves.
Over the past couple of days whenever there is music playing, it’s likely been a Prince song. If there has been anything on our TV, it’s been a Prince music video, or Purple Rain.
I am truly taken back by the passing of Prince and it has me thinking. Really thinking. About music, artistry, childhood and memories.
I was blessed to have parents who listened to music a lot when I was growing up. They had great taste in music.
And today, when I hear “Got Me Under Pressure” by ZZ Top, I instantly remember my dad driving our van to Florida for our family vacations, that we did every single year, even though my parents were broke. When I hear Def Leppard I remember the “concerts” my brothers and I used to put on in our living room that our parents always made time to sit down and watch. And I remember how they always made us feel like it was the best show they’d ever seen.
My mom passed away more than 3 years ago, but every time I hear Rod Stewart, Don Henley or Bob Seger on the radio, I feel like she’s playing it just for me. Because she played it all the time when I was a kid. And she let me know how much she loved it. She would dance and sing along to it. If it would come on the radio, she’d run to turn it up.
And every Prince song I hear brings back a thousand memories of my life. Of my adolescence. Of the friendships that were cultivated in my childhood and stand strong today.
I have a terrible memory, which makes me especially grateful for these songs and how they help me to remember my childhood.
And I think we have a responsibility as parents to put music into our children’s lives. We are creating the soundtrack to their childhood. These songs we play when they’re little are the songs that they will hear as adults and remember. These songs will have memories attached to them.
I hope that when my kids are grown, they’ll hear Prince and Kings of Leon and Heart, and that they’ll think of me, and remember me playing them all the time and singing along.
I make a conscious effort to play all kinds of music for my kids. I play the classics and oldies, and stuff I grew up with, and stuff that is current. I talk to them about musicians that I admire and respect and tell them about the memories I have connected to specific songs.
Music is art, and I will to teach them to love and appreciate it. I want them to have the gift of music, even if they don’t ever learn to sing, or play an instrument, or read music.

I’m confident that someday, they’ll be glad I did. <3


Mother & Daughter Session

April Kraus, Sierra Vista Photographer

This session is very near and dear to my heart. I wanted first, to give these two memorable photographs of their connection, as is always my goal. But, I had a specific artistic goal for this shoot. I wanted to make photos that felt more like memories than actual moments. And, I wanted to make photos that I wished I had with my own mother. I hope you enjoy them <3

Mother & Daughter Session by April Kraus, Sierra Vista Photographer putney5 putney8 putney9 putney10 putney11 putney12 putney14 putney15 putney16 putney17 putney20 putney21 putney22 putney23 putney30 putney31 putney33 putney34 putney35 putney36 putney37 putney38 putney39 putney40 putney41 putney45 putney48 putney51 putney52 putney53 putney55 putney56 putney60 putney62 putney65 putney67

Mother & Daughter Session Sierra Vista, Arizona

April Kraus Photography